Have You Had Your Seasonal Flu Vaccination Already

Protecting our loved ones is always top of mind, and when it comes to their health, prevention is always better than treatment H1N1 is a serious virus that can potentially harm you and your family if necessary precautions are not made.

Seasonal flu vaccination is made accessible to anyone which makes everything a whole lot easier. Finding the vaccination clinic nearest you is just as easy as picking up the phone or searching for a website. Most clinics have regular schedules plotted out for your convenience and are more than willing to answer any inquiry you might have. Comprehensive schedules and other services that you might need are made readily available by your clinic. Clinics are very supportive in providing complete schedules and services that are available to you. If you are experiencing a flu, it is advised not to visit any vaccine clinic as you may be a carrier and the source of further spreading the virus which would be in contrast of your intentions. Some may need certain requirements for you to be eligible so it is best to be well informed before your visit.

Seasonal flu vaccines are updated and distributed on a yearly basis, protecting people from current viruses. To be able to keep up with the new formed viruses, seasonal flu vaccines are updated on a yearly basis and distributed to make sure everyone has a chance of being protected. This is one way to keep the public infection free and minimize the chances of a breakout. The influenza A H3N2 virus, influenza B virus and the 2009 H1N1 virus now just need one dose for immunization from all, this is one improvement of the seasonal flu vaccine this year. A big improvement from last year?s seasonal flu vaccine which required two doses for one to be immunized, both parties greatly benefit from this new innovation.

Also referred to as ?pre-pandemic vaccines?, as the name suggests is our first line of defence against a potential pandemic that may or may not happen in the future. Taking preventive measure is always a safe way of doing things. The influenza virus is transmitted by air or direct contact with any contaminated surface, knowing this fact might be disturbing but it is the truth. Protecting yourself must be an instinct and not a decision, knowing the potential of this virus should give us enough reason to go and get a dose of your seasonal flu vaccine.

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