The Swine flu Conspiracy – What do you believe?

Are you convinced about the swine flu conspiracy that may cause the emergency of the death toll to increse?

We all know that the swine flu pandemic means the virus is spreading at an worrying rate across the globe. Nearly 70 countries have now confirmed cases of swine flu, and the numbers are still going higher.

There is panic that is caused by the media as members try to find out if the facts are correct or not true. You are continually being snowed under with messages about being prepared for the worse.

And then there is the panic among well-meaning fogeys who need to get their kids immunized only to be disappointed because there is no vaccine that has won the approval of the US presidency.

But on the flip side of that, there are some fogeys who fear vaccination all together and haven’t taken the necessary swine flu cares to protect their children.

Here’s the dealit’s time for a tiny common sense mixed in caution.

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention) are evangelizing outstanding cleanliness, intensive hand washing, taking your multivitamin and staying home when you feel sick as the best ways to make it though this situation without a scratch.

But, make no mistake about it; these straightforward methods just won’t be enough for some people.

1. The virus has been manufactured by one major pharmaceutical company here in the US. It was released by accident and now the government is working to cover it up.

2. It is a naturally mutated pathogen due to hog factory farms in Mexico.

3. Terrorism plain and easy or an international bio-terrorism plot.

4. The swine flu virus was especially made as a route for the rich to wipe out the poor.

5. Global warming released this virus onto earth.

Think I am making all thins up? You need to have a good search round to find out more unbelievable swine flu conspiracy situations. But, don’t become a victim of this. Take the correct precautions listed by the CDC and play it safe.

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