Hello world!

Welcome to my blog with information on the symptoms of Swine Flu and avoiding Swine Flu.

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  • Jim says:

    Hi, thanks for the useful information about Swine Flu symptoms

  • Brenda says:

    My daughter and I had the swine flu, vomiting, headache,watery diaherra, chills,fever etc..I wanted to say what worked for us was dramsmine for nausea before vomiting, CVS brand severe cold and flu for the cramping,bloating and constant bowel movements I gave both of us acidophilus at CVS extra strength,in two days we went from not able to hold down water. This worked for us, it lasted two days, we were still weak but able to eat and not vomit,I wish I would of picked this up on day one but was too sick!! Yogurt also helped when we were able to eat!! Just thought this might help some people!

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